Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Butler fit the new Honda GL1800?
The Driver Butler set fits perfectly. The Markland and Kuryakyn Armrests for the 1800 GoldWing will not allow installation of the Passenger Butler without modifications. However, we have a new bracket that allows mounting a Passenger Mug without purchasing arm rests. Alternately, American Motorcycle Accessories offers a mount that works with their arm rests.

I ride a Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Will the Butler fit on my bike?
Yes, the Butler will fit the Electra Glide. There are many Harley's now using the Butler. Due to the strength of the Butler, it is the most viable choice for the Harley. There is one exception to the "fit" question. A special bracket is required for the pre-1996 Harley Ultra Classic. Glass Act manufactures this special bracket in limited quantities for those with the earlier Ultra Classics.

I want the big mug holder for my co-rider. What do I order?
Order a Large 34 oz. Passenger Set. The set includes everything you need to install a 34 oz. Butler for your co-rider (Adjustable Mounting Bracket, Mounting Bolts and Hardware, one 34 oz. Compression Ring, one 34 oz. Insulated ThermoServ Beverage Mug, one Standard ThermoServ Lid, one Butler Extreme Lid, one Seal-Fit Straw and two Straw / Vent Caps). Note that Passenger Butler sets mount on the accessory armrest. If you have a Honda GL1500 or GL1800 and do not want to use aftermarket accessory arm rests, order the Mounting Bracket version made just for this application. There is a version for the Honda Goldwing and a version for the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and Electra Glide.

I want a Driver Set but I want both sizes. How do I order that?
Order a Large 34 oz. Driver Set. Then from the Butler Parts and Accessories page, order a Small 20 oz. Conversion Kit. The option includes one 20 oz. Compression Ring, one 20 oz. Insulated ThermoServ Beverage Mug, one Standard ThermoServ Lid, one Butler Extreme Lid, one Seal-Fit Straw and two Straw / Vent Caps.�

I'm on a trip and left my Butler Extreme Mug behind. What can I do?
You can pick up 20 oz. and 34 oz. insulated ThermoServ beverage mugs at most convenience and department stores. Good thing you ordered an optional six pack of Butler Extreme Lids to keep on hand!

Why did you send me two different lids?
The standard ThermoServ lids are supplied for use when you are not on the bike and want to sip rather than use the straw. You need the Butler Extreme Lid when you are riding to keep your drink securely contained, and to add the extra safety factor of using the straw. Please don't try riding with the standard lid.

How long does it take to get my order? Do you ship the same day I order?
We check our online orders daily and usually ship by the next business day. We ship best way using Federal Express, UPS and the US Postal Service. Shipping rates for orders to be shipped outside the U.S. will be quoted on request.

I want one. BUT, is there such a thing as an extra long, maybe even flexible, straw for a full face helmet?
The straw is sized such that a 5/16 inch ID flexible tube can be press fit on to the end of the straw making a flexible end of any length. A 3/8 inch OD flexible tube can be pressed into the straw hole in the Butler Lid, thus replacing the stiff straw entirely with the flexible tube. Either of these two methods work great for making a custom lid setup for use with a full-face helmet. These flexible tubes are readily available at most any hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes.