Butler Accessories

If you need replacement parts, you do not have to purchase a complete Butler Set. All additional Butler Parts can be purchase separately.

Butler Conversion Kits - Once you have a Butler Set installed, this kits allows you to switch from one size Butler to the other. You can carry a small coffee in the morning and a big cold drink in the hot afternoon. Each Set includes 20 oz. or 34 oz. Compression Ring, 20 oz. or 34 oz. Insulated ThermoServ Beverage Mug, Standard ThermoServ Lid, Butler Extreme Lid, Seal-Fit Straw and two Straw / Vent Caps. The Butler Conversion Kits for the CanAm Spyders RT and RS are a little different than the normal Conversion Kits. They require an extra machined part and longer ring bolt. Due to this difference they cost a bit more.

Butler Compression Rings - Includes the 20 oz. or 34 oz. Compression Ring with bolt and knob. This kit does not include the mounting bracket, mug or lids.

Butler Standard Mounting Brackets for Motorcycles - These brackets are often purchased by people who have more than one motorcycle and want a Butler on each of them. By installing the Driver Bracket or Passenger Bracket on other motorcycles you only need to transport the compression ring and mug from one bike to the other. The passenger bracket is for the accessory arm rest.
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