Butler Driver Sets for CanAm Spyder Roadsters (RT, ST and RS)

The BUTLER SPYDER is specifically designed to be used on the CanAm Spyder RT, ST and RS series. Spyder riders have been waiting for years for this and it is finally here and was well worth the wait. As with all Butlers, these can be purchased with either the 20 oz mug or the 34 oz mug. Please see Installation for mounting instructions.

Type A
Type A includes the Butler Mug, Ring and all the bracketing necessary to use the Butler mug only. RT Type A illustrated.

Type B
Type B is a Type A plus the Butler Knuckle. The Butler Knuckle is a device that allows for the articulated mounting of an additional device such as GPS, camera, cell phone holder, etc. RS Type B illustrated.

Type C
Type C is a Type B with an extension rod and additional Butler Knuckle. This type extends the articulated mounting point with either a 3 inch, 4 inch, or 6 inch rod. This rod attaches to the primary Butler Spyder handlebar bracket with a Butler Knuckle and includes another Butler Knuckle at the far end of the extension rod. A Butler Knuckle is a 2 inch device, so the use of a Type C bracket allows for an articulated extension of an additional device by a total of 7 inches (using the 3 inch rod), 8 inches (using the 4 inch rod), or 10 inches (using the 6 inch rod). These extensions are measured from the primary handlebar bracket. RT Type C illustrated.

If you need a Butler Passenger Set for the Spyder RT or ST, click here to go to the Passenger Set Order Page.

Note - For the Can Am Spyder F3 you should order the BUTLER PYTHON.

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