Client Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.
The Butler motorcycle mug holder is the best thing that I have ever had installed on my GoldWing. I highly recommend this product for anybody who rides. Thanks.
Cassie Willman, NC
Mike and Rita are awesome and the Butler speaks for itself. I love it and would not ride without it, summer or not - all my riding buddies are convinced - you will not be disappointed.
Peach & Fuzz, VA
The Butler is one of the best investments you can put on your bike. I've had mine since 2001 and it's been on 3 bikes now. I wouldn't use any other kind of cup on my bike. It stays right where I put it and is still easy to remove; my drinks stay cool all day.
Don Watson, MI
I have used the Butler for over five years. It is great and works great. It keeps cool drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I know that when I reach for my cup it is always right there ready to be drank from.
Gwen Hart & Tom Hart, TX
We have used the Butler since 2001. We love the convenience of having a cold drink on hot days and not having to worry about loosing the cup, because the holder is perfect.
Kim & Karen Ruzicka, CO
The very best mug to use on the road. I've bought both sizes and use the large one on the bike and the small one in the car. The Vines (Mike & Rita) really stand behind their mugs and give excellent customer service and satisfaction.
Tandy Collins, TN
We bought our Butlers in 2000 and love them. We have owned several other brands of mugs and holders and got rid of all of them for various reasons. Every time we get the GoldWing out, our Butlers go with us. The greatest part is even when your mug is empty, the mug won't blow out of the holder.
Gary & Sharon Fisher, KS
I bought a Butler in 2004 for my GL1800. I had never had a holder before. I thought it worked great but did not have anything to compare it to. After an accident on the bike my Butler was destroyed. When I bought my new GL1800 (2005), I purchased one of those fold-up compact drink holders. Now, I know the difference. The fold up holder just does not hold drinks without letting them fall. Six months later I could not take it anymore and purchased another Butler.They can't be beat.
Dee Herron, Baton Rouge, LA
We have had Butlers since 1998. We ride a Cavalcade with a few others and all of us have them. The ice lasts a while, and they never blow off. We upgraded to the newer ones and are very pleased. Good Job.
Jeff & Jenny Nestor
The Butler is great. Once I dropped mine. When I went back for it, it was still in great shape.
Walt Nestor
The Butler has worked perfectly for my co-rider and me. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot for hours.
Marty Leake, Prince William Co, VA
I bought my Butler in 1999 and have had excellent service from it. I have had a Butler on my last 3 GoldWings and really like it. I have purchased extra mugs for both my wife's and mine. Great service from great people.
Pat Hasiak, Dale City, VA
I bought my Butler in 2003. I've never taken it off. If I don't have pop or coffee or water in it, I put sunglasses or cell phone in it to keep things handy.
Mick McCoy, Marysville, OH
We love our Butlers and use them for cold drinks and coffee in the morning. Would not go anywhere without them.
Cordell & Pat Tolliver, Middlesboro, KY
Had the large front and rear. Works great 2 years now. Would certainly buy them again!
David D., Knoxville, TN
I purchased the Butler for my '94 Wing and then transferred it to the '03. I wouldn't leave without it. Great product. Thanks.
J. Moore, Lenoir City, TN
I have used the Butler over thousands of riding miles. A great product that will last! I would recommend this product to every motorcycle rider.
J. Edens, Gray, TN
When I ride, my Butler is with me. It's as advertised. Service is great. I highly recommend the product.
Wes Edens, Johnson City, TN
I bought a large Butler cup and holder for my 2006 Gold Wing and I love it. I did what you suggested about putting about a foot or so of 3/8 inch clear tubing on the end of the straw so I can use it with my full face helmet. It works perfectly! An absolute 'must' for driving around in this 104 to 110 degree heat. After four hours on one of my trips the cup still had ice cubes in it!
Larry Ruiz